In 2019, I worked with Bonfire Media Collective to create 3 videos for Leeway Foundation's Impact Assessment. These videos highlight the history, impact, and grantmaking process of the organization. My main focus was the grantmaking process for which I created a fully animated video. For the 2 other videos highlighting the history and impact of Leeway, I designed and animated title cards, end cards, and lower thirds.
You can learn more about Leeway's Impact Assessment here.
The Leeway Foundation supports women and trans artists and cultural producers working in communities at the intersection of art, culture, and social change. Through our grantmaking and other programs we promote artistic expression that amplifies the voices of those on the margins, promotes sustainable and healthy communities, and works in the service of movements for economic and social justice.
Direction and Animation: Gabrielle Patterson
Production and Sound Design: Bonfire Media Collective
Consultant: Dragonfly Partners
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