For this lyric video, I was able to combine my love of frame-by-frame animation and hand-drawn textures with text animation and effects in Adobe After Effects. The limited color palette allowed me to play more with lightness and darkness from scene to scene, pulling the viewer into a vast shimmering universe.
From Peace Ike: "Every scene, image and character within this video was birthed from a desire to tell the story of joy and pain. Life & death. God & man. And ultimately, to reveal the longing of every heart.....and of all find its peace and purpose in the greatest story ever told."
Song by: Peace Ike⁠⁠ 
Production: Ryan DeVuono⁠⁠
Animation by: Gabrielle Patterson⁠⁠
Available on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and YouTube Music⁠⁠
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