I was part of a small team that created the first season of WHYY's animated series Your Democracy. The series examines the history, misconceptions, and contemporary questions related to the U.S. Constitution in a fun and approachable way for students and adults alike.
The characters and design aesthetic we created set the precedent for subsequent seasons. I designed and animated the Gloria J. Browne-Marshall in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Character Animator, making the character flexible for future iterations of the series.​​​​​​​
Animation Team
Animation Producer: Aya Kaufmann
Storyboard: Gabrielle Patterson
Animation and Character Design: Aya Kaufmann
Gloria Character Design and Animation: Gabrielle Patterson
Design: Sarah Holland ​​​​​​​
Producer: Sarah Moses
Project Coordinator: Emily Kinslow
Scripts & Narration
Gloria J. Browne-Marshall
Check out all the Your Democracy videos at whyy.org/your-democracy
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